Acupuncture for Performance and Recovery

Written by: DrTonyWillcox | Nov 26, 2019

Kudos to the Captain of the Buffalo Sabres #9 Jack Eichel for his desire to be one of the best!

NHL Superstar

This NHL Superstar is one of the most talented and resourceful athletes in the NHL and one of the therapies he utilizes is acupuncture for performance and recovery. 

Professional athletes have the pressure to not only be the best at what they do but are examples of health, wellness and fitness. Wellness is at the top of the list for athletes and non-athletes alike. When using the standard western medicine approach to therapies have not produced the desired results, athletes looking to perform or get the “edge” and seek out novel therapies and remedies and acupuncture is one of those therapies for many. Hey, it’s hard to argue with 3,000 years of experience, right! 

NHL Superstar Captain of the Buffalo Sabres Jack Eichel with Dr. Tony Willcox at Acupuncture Zen

Florida Panthers Acupuncture

Prior to my involvement with the National Hockey Leagues (NHL) Florida Panthers, the Panthers never had an Acupuncture Physician on the Medical Team. Having now had a ten-year long history treating NHL’s Panthers from 2007-2014, I have first-hand experience on how acupuncture has benefited these athletes, coaching staff, support staff and even executives within the organization have reaped the befits of all that acupuncture has to offer.  

Sure, these players were reluctant at first. This was mainly due to lack of knowledge and not having experienced acupuncture before. Over the years these players have used acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine for all sorts of ailments such as sprains, strains, soft tissue injuries, insomnia, pain, performance, recovery, immune health, general well-being, common cold, anxiety and stress.  

Acupuncture is one of those therapies that many patients find after they have tried everything else. In their need for pain relief or wellness enhancement, whether it is an acute or chronic condition patients often say that they wish they had started the process with acupuncture earlier instead of finding it after many other therapies had not given the adequate response. 

If you’re looking to get better performance, whether it’s in sports or in your daily life, acupuncture can be a life saver. The common side effects of acupuncture are more restful sleep, improved mood, enhanced recovery, decreased pain and increased sense of well-being.

Your Body is a Temple

Athletes understand more than most people that their bodies are a temple. In a business where fitness, performance and getting the “edge” athletes are more than willing to go beyond the bounds of so called conventional or evidence-based medicine to new horizons. Those that have experienced acupuncture from a well-trained and experienced physician understand that education and experience provide above average results.

Visit Dr. Tony at Acupuncture Zen in Delray Beach and see how acupuncture can benefit you. 

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