Healing Hands

Healing Hands

Healing Hands

Touch and healing hands have been used since the dawn of time. So many references in the Bible and other works that have documented our time here on earth.

For some background on my hands. I started visiting various churches living in Australia in my 20’s and 30’s experiencing healing hands from various groups of healing in these houses of worship. I also had a deep desire to find out more about healing and how to connect to healing energy. At this time, I was a massage therapist for 12 years. This experience gave me a deeper insight into the workings of the human body and developed my sense of touch, the ease in which to find trigger points and myofascial restrictions and how to resolve them through these therapies.

I visited the Australian Spiritual Healers Association back in the 90’s and learned techniques for developing this process of healing and connecting to the Universal Flow, so to speak. I was certified in various healing modalities in the past 30 years or so, Touch for Health, Kinesiology, Reiki I, II and Master certification. I deepen my hands-on healing practice at that time. This thirst for knowledge and healing led me to many energetically abundant places and teachers around the world to deepen my connection to the divine energy that is abundant in various places around the planet and learning how it is abundant inside ourselves.

After becoming certified in Advanced Cranio Sacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute in 2003. The sensitivity required for cranio sacral work developed my skills and touch even more. All of these therapies and experience over the years have lent its development to my being a better Acupuncture Physician.

One of the deepest parts of my practice is the depth of intention and healing that is omnipresent in my space of healing. For those patients who want to go deeper into this healing realm I welcome their deepest prayers to invite in who they connect to for healing. Whether its GOD, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Allah, Universal Consciousness, Angels, Guides, Spirit totems, Great Spirit, Ancestors, Crossed Over Loved Ones, Love & Light, Nature or other various forms
of Energy. This conversation starts to open up a deeper space for healing. And for those who don’t want to be involved in that or have no affiliation, that’s ok too. The acupuncture is going to do its thing regardless.

The acupuncture needles are extensions of my hands and fingers and I have developed this sensitivity over the years. The knowingness of where to place the needles have become second nature and after training in various hospitals in China and the past sixteen years of clinical practice have led to the development and deepening of my acupuncture style.

Come and experience some Hands On Healing.

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