Acupuncture treatment for UFC Athletes

Written by: DrTonyWillcox | Mar 5, 2018

Professional athletes including UFC fighter Andre Soukhamthath appreciate acupuncture as a healing modality. Nowadays Acupuncture treatment for UFC Athletes is commonplace with many believing in acupuncture benefits.

With all the injuries that can accumulate during training and competing at this high level of performance. For a UFC fighter Acupuncture treatment just makes sense.  Whether its recovery or minimizing injury Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been a great ally for Andre Soukhamthath MMA.

Acupuncture treatment for UFC Athletes, Acupuncture has so many therapeutic effects including; release of endorphins (feel good and pain-relieving chemicals). This can provide feelings of well-being and elation, a sense of peace, and calm. This is essential not only for the UFC fighter but for anyone feeling the effects of stress on the nervous system. Homemakers, CEO’s etc.

Acupuncture treatment for UFC Athletes understand stress not managed may lead to dis-ease. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine involving the use of herbal remedies having being used for thousands of years can have the effect of regulating the body’s systems.

This is a key tool in balancing the mind, body, spirit approach in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Cupping therapy, yes you may have seen Michael Phelps the Olympic swimmer rocking the marks of cupping. This therapy is great for releasing the myofascial tissue under the skin surface. Great for tight muscles and removing stress, and stagnant energy from the body. The darker the color of the mark from the cups the more problematic the area. This may be from an old injury or even overuse. There is so much to these ancient Chinese therapies. They have stood the test of time and should be on your radar for seeing and experiencing how this works. Dr. Tony Willcox the Clinical Director of Acupuncture Zen in Delray Beach, Florida has been treating Ultimate Fighting Championship Athletes (UFC) that compete on the American Top Team and the now-defunct Blackzilians Fight Team for over 10 years. Dr. Willcox provided a key therapy with acupuncture for competitors on the TV Show “The Ultimate Fighter.”

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