An ounce of prevention

Written by: DrTonyWillcox | Sep 26, 2018

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Benjamin Franklin’s axiom

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is just as relevant today as it was when he coined the term for a fire safety campaign for Union Fire Co. back in 1736.


Acupuncture Zen enttrance

Acupuncture Zen – Delray’s Acupuncture Center

An ounce of education is a pound of healing!

The continued education in advanced training in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine therapies is at the forefront of Dr. Tony Willcox‘s agenda. He will have earned a double doctorate in Acupuncture which is rare and not an easy task. Less than 2% of acupuncturists in the field, have this qualification or distinction. In June of 2019 will be the culmination of a PhD. in Acupuncture from Anhui University of Chinese Medicine, Hefei, China. A minimum of six years of practice and a Clinical Doctorate in Acupuncture is the prerequisite.

You don’t have to be sick to get Acupuncture.

You don’t have to suffer chronic disease to experience acupuncture and reap the rewards and benefits. Acupuncture is also utilized for mild conditions and symptoms that can be bothersome. These can be signs that the body and its systems can be in need of a check  up. Often mild physical or psycological symptoms start becoming more pronounced.  Sometimes you may need a helping hand. Acupuncture is one of the best “helping hands” in distributing energy throughout the body and improving blood circulation.

The Pulse and tongue are the diagnostic tools for the body in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

If your having pain, discomfort, irritability, depression these are signs that need attention.   Acupuncture can be a regularly scheduled maintenance for your wellness.

Acupuncture is relaxing

Above all, Acupuncture is relaxing! This is a common experience from patients at Acupuncture Zen in Delray Beach. A simple palpation or feel of the radial wrist pulse can determine what needs adjusting in your physiological system as well as the observation of the tongue which gives valuable diagnostic criteria in TCM theory. For the most part, this determines which points are to be used. A personalized therapy plan can be incorporated to optimize your health and wellness.


Crystal Energy at Acupuncture Zen in Delray Beach

Acupuncture Zen is located at 900 E Atlantic Avenue, Suite 11 Delray Beach, Florida. Convenient free parking located behind the building.


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