Acute and Chronic Gastritis

Overview of Acute and Chronic Gastritis

Gastritis is typically referred to as an upset stomach. It’s used in cases in which people experience indigestion, stomach pain after eating, and sometimes even vomiting. But, in the medical world, Gastritis is a medical diagnosis that is diagnosed to people who are experiencing inflammation of the stomach lining as determined by a biopsy.

Acute vs. Chronic Gastritis

Acute gastritis is a medical diagnosis that is characterized by inflammation of the stomach lining caused by an infection. Typically, acute gastritis can be treated with antibiotics and other non-invasive treatments and resolves within a few weeks.

Chronic gastritis is when a person experiences a medical diagnosis of gastritis in which the stomach lining is permanently damaged, usually caused by untreated infection or disease. Simple treatments like antibiotics don’t typically eliminate the symptoms of Chronic Gastritis. Chronic gastritis can also lead to further issues like anemia if the damage to the stomach lining is severe enough.

Causes of Gastritis

The cause of Gastritis, whether acute or chronic, is due to stomach lining being inflamed. The lining of the stomach refers to a protective mucus that surrounds the inside of the stomach that protects its muscles. Inflammation of the stomach lining is typically caused by various digestive fluids located in the stomach that isn’t digesting properly, leading to infection.

What Leads to Gastritis?

While inflammation of the stomach lining is what causes Gastritis, there are a number of things that can put a person at a higher risk of developing Gastritis including:

  • medical diagnoses like Chron’s disease, celiac disease, or HIV
  • bacterial infections
  • using over-the-counter pain medications too often
  • stress
  • alcohol abuse
  • age
  • chemotherapy
  • autoimmune diseases
  • smoking

Using Acupuncture as a Treatment for Acute or Chronic Gastritis

People who haven’t had success with traditional medical gastritis treatment or want to speed up their recovery from gastritis can consider acupuncture treatment to help manage symptoms. Acupuncture can help to reduce inflammation, which is the cause of gastritis, drastically reducing symptoms of this condition. Acupuncture for gastritis can also help to improve immune function, which can help the body’s natural defenses and healing process to help patients diagnosed with this condition feel better sooner.

Acupuncture for Gastritis as Acupuncture Zen

If you want to add acupuncture to your gastritis treatment plan, Acupuncture Zen has you covered. We offer acupuncture for gastritis patients on an outpatient basis and Dr. Tony has many years of experience providing condition-specific acupuncture treatments in order to help patients dealing with debilitating symptoms of both mental and physical health conditions, including gastritis.

Common Symptoms

Common Symptoms

  • indigestion, especially after eating
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • feeling full after eating

It’s important to know that many people don’t experience symptoms of Gastritis, especially people who are diagnosed with Chronic Gastritis.

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