Overview on Constipation

Constipation is a common gastrointestinal dysfunction. It can be chronic for some or sporadic for
others. People that suffer from constipation can only dispose of the buildup waste three or fewer
times per week. A healthy bowel movement can discharge once or twice every day. A slow bowel movement is considered anything under that. There are standard solutions to this condition such as adequate hydration and regular exercise. There can be a quick fix but sometimes these are prone to adverse side effects. With the chronic use of laxatives, they can be damaging to the neuromuscular system of the colon and can lead to dependence. As you consider using traditional Chinese medicine to address constipation, you may be surprised just how a comprehensive treatment it can be. This therapy can bring your body back to balance in many ways.

Causes of Constipation

The type of diet you follow and the levels of stress you deal with can affect the regularity of the
discharge; a diet with a good amount of water intake and the right amount of fiber can be the first
step to feeling better. Other contributing health conditions could also include bowel obstruction, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, muscular difficulties, and medications.

What to Expect?

Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM has various diagnostic tools that can detect the imbalance of energy in relation to constipation. The average person does not know the benefits of acupuncture and TCM. One may think the problem of constipation is in the colon and that may be so. However, in TCM it may be the result of the liver not working effectively and creating stagnation of Qi and Energy, this can itself cause constipation. This may be due to stress or emotional imbalances as well! or maybe qi deficiency. A lack of energy or vitality that does not give enough energy to the body’s basic function results in constipation. Acupuncture and TCM have unique and varied ways of looking at this and other conditions to find the root cause and restore balance and harmony. Sometimes herbal formulas are prescribed to restore balance along with acupuncture to support treatment.

Acupuncture Therapy

The acupuncture therapy may include electro-stimulation. With electroacupuncture the acupuncture needles are connected to microcurrent to promote relaxation and relieve tension from the muscles in the abdomen and stimulate peristalsis. According to recent studies, electroacupuncture has shown to be just as effective as a drug used to stimulate the bowel to increase gastric emptying.

In our clinical experience over the past 17 years, this treatment has shown excellent results among patients at Acupuncture Zen.

Recent Studies

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Can acupuncture ease severe constipation?

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Effect of electroacupuncture treatment on functional constipation in adults

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