Overview of Acupuncture for Tinnitus

Have you ever experienced ringing in your ears? If it’s something that you deal with often, it could be Tinnitus. Tinnitus is a debilitating symptom that can occur from trauma to the inner ear or other injuries that impairs hearing. Typically, tinnitus is described by people as experiencing high-pitched sounds, ringing, humming noises, or clicking sounds. These symptoms can be extremely frustrating as they can last a few hours to a few days. Thus, keeping a person from being able to concentrate on daily tasks and even affecting sleep quality. Therefore, it’s important that people who are struggling with tinnitus get the care they need to manage symptoms of this issue. Acupuncture is a great option for people with tinnitus as it is non-invasive, relaxing, and offers longterm results.

Causes of Tinnitus

There are a number of things that can lead to the development of tinnitus. It can be helpful to understand what causes tinnitus in order to identify any treatments that may be of use in helping to relieve symptoms. There is no cure for tinnitus, but there are treatments that can help the symptoms be less severe and/or frequent. So, identifying the underlying issues that may be resulting in the development of tinnitus can help individuals pinpoint the best methods of treatment. Some of the most common causes of tinnitus include:

  • injuries to the neck, ear, or head
  • medical ailments including high blood pressure, Lyme disease, or others
  • changes to the bone structure in the ears
  • growth disorders
  • sinus infections

Acupuncture Helps to Relieve Tinnitus Symptoms

Acupuncture is an ancient method of healing used to rebalance the energy in a person’s body. Essentially, acupuncture works to help energy better relocate to areas of the body that needs it. And, help to restore the natural balance of energy in the body. Thus, stimulating the natural healing of the body. In theory, using acupuncture can help to unblock meridians, or energy pathways, within the body that can be blocking the healing energy from flowing to areas of the body that are malfunctioning, like the inner ear, resulting in symptoms of tinnitus.

Is Using Acupuncture for Tinnitus Safe?

Many people may consider acupuncture to help symptoms of tinnitus because it is non invasive and can be effective in reversing or alieving symptoms of tinnitus on a longterm basis. But, many people who have never used acupuncture may be wondering if it is safe. When used in a sterilized environment and by trained and experienced practitioners, acupuncture is safe. While there are some risks that can be associated with acupuncture, finding a reputable acupuncture specialist can help to reduce the risks and make sure that your acupuncture sessions are secure.

While acupuncture is safe, there are some side effects that can occur in some patients who use this method of treatment. Some of these side effects may include:

  • nausea
  • irritability near applied areas
  • lightheadedness

Choosing Dr. Tony Willcox at Acupuncture Zen for Tinnitus Treatment

Do you think that acupuncture is right for you to use in treating symptoms of tinnitus? Acupuncture can be a great additional treatment for people who are looking to reduce the frequency and severity of tinnitus symptoms. It’s safe, effective, and non-invasive, so it can be used in between and with other treatments or on its own. Find out more about Acupuncture Zen’s services and the conditions that acupuncture treats at our location in Delray Beach.

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