Acupuncture and Qi

Written by: DrTonyWillcox | Aug 26, 2021

Acupuncture is synonymous with Qi. “Where Qi Goes, Blood Flows” is one of the ancient dictums in traditional Chinese medicine. Qi has a mystique associated with its enigmatic nature. It has been difficult to infuse this ancient doctrine of the theory of Qi into the Western medicine paradigm over the years. It can be a difficult concept to grasp for some, and for others, they understand it very well. Often patients of acupuncture have a deep understanding of the nature of Qi because they have a personal experience of how this therapy of acupuncture made them feel. The many experiences of patients over the past 3,000 years as the most widely practiced natural medicine on planet earth have made many believers out of acupuncture. I was one of these believers after my first acupuncture treatment, I was 19 years old and in the Australian Army as an Infantry Soldier.

Tony Willcox Infantry Soldier 4.5 years (1984-89)

I was in Townsville, North Queensland in an Elite Battalion of Soldiers training for war. I was busy marching on the parade ground with spit-polished boots and crawling in the mud to camouflage myself in mother nature and learning the skills of the infantry soldier. Flying in helicopters, Chinooks and finding myself in the middle of the Australian bush gasping for breath as our platoon, while on patrol, had walked into a chemical attack, and alas, it was the perfect opportunity to don our NBC or Nuclear Biochemical Training suits.

NBC Suit and M203 Rifle in the Australian Bush

Being shuffled around in APC’s armored personal carriers, in-and-out of obstacle courses and carrying a rucksack up hills that had no end. The excess trauma took its toll.  

The army has a way of pushing you to your limit and getting the best out of you. When I was pushed to-and-beyond this limit, I was introduced to acupuncture. Exhausted from a 6-week exercise in the outback of Australia when a friend of mine was working for a naturopath who happened to be an acupuncturist invited me in for a treatment.

They suggested I come and have the experience of Acupuncture and the movement of Qi. I had never had acupuncture before and I did not know what to expect? But it was all that I could have imagined and more. I was thankful that I was introduced to this natural therapy of acupuncture and natural medicine at an early age. I grew up with the mindset that natural medicine was good for me and the body is able to utilize it to balance and regulate the body. It was my preferred choice rather than using synthetic or lab-created medicine. I am a believer in using what works and I am a big proponent of integrative medicine. Sometimes we need lab-created pharmaceutical medicines to restore and provide function and health for the body, sometimes we need natural and sometimes we can use both western and eastern approaches.  

The beauty of acupuncture is that it can practically be used on anyone. And it has a wide range of therapeutic value with the many conditions that it can treat. It can be great adjunctive therapy for those already taking medication for certain conditions and certainly is absolutely advantageous for those with stress and anxiety. Particularly in these times of political turmoil, stress, media involvement in everyone’s personal life. What a stressful time for people. Acupuncture could be the key therapy that you are looking for to relieve stress and modulate the immune system to keep well.


Dr. Tony Willcox giving acupuncture to a patient in Delray Beach, Florida

That is where Acupuncture and Qi come into it. If you haven’t had acupuncture before, I think you are missing out. If you have had it before and have not been impressed or satisfied with the results,  I think it is important to try different practitioners to find the right fit for you. There are many facets that go into the acupuncture physician. Find the right fit for you and don’t give up on the amazing benefits of Acupuncture.

Many people use acupuncture for various benefits. Some want to sleep better, some to get out of depression, decrease pain, address infertility concerns, headaches and anxiety. Others just to feel better as something is amiss. There are innumerable symptoms that one can receive acupuncture and receive benefits. Overall, acupuncture gives one the opportunity to allow the chemical response being released in the body to facilitate relaxation response. This is a common phenomena with acupuncture. Most people leave a good treatment of acupuncture feeling much higher and relaxed. Some even say they feel like they just smoked or drank something, thats how relaxing it can be.

Come and see for yourself.


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