Red Light Therapy NovoTHOR®

Written by: DrTonyWillcox | Aug 7, 2022

Vicente Luque UFC Fighter receiving Red Light NovoTHOR@NovoTHOR®

NovoTHOR is a whole body red light therapy system designed for improving health and wellness. The implementation of this red light table at Acupuncture Zen has created a profound impact on many peoples lives. With post covid syndrome and the effects from covid-19 and its variants, red light therapy has been a valuable asset to help patients navigate their health and wellness goals. This therapy has helped those suffering from fatigue, a common symptom in covid related illness which can be a common symptom in relation to long haul covid syndrome as well as immune system disorders and digestive issues. Patients who receive therapy on this table have reported increase in energy and improved sense of well-being as well as pain relief and reduced inflammation. Vicente Luque UFC Fighter receiving Red Light NovoTHOR@

Red Light Therapy Delray

This is the NovoTHOR® at Acupuncture Zen in Delray Beach

Photobiomodulation Therapy

Photobiomodulation is a therapy using light emission from LED diodes. For this NovoTHOR® the wavelengths of 660 nm and 850 nm are specific. This Red light therapy activates the energy center of the cell to increase ATP Adenosine triphosphate. ROS reactive oxygen species molecules a type of free radical that causes cell damage is reduced using this therapy. Decreasing pain and inflammation is an intrinsic effect of red light therapy and is welcomed by those suffering aches and pains, muscle soreness and lowered energy.

With the NovoTHOR there are 1,200 LED’s that are 1 watt each, this is a power house of light therapy applied to the body. THOR Lasers and James Carroll, the inventor of NovoTHOR® is certainly the primary thought leader in the field of light therapy or photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy. Having spoke at the United Nations and briefing the US House Committee on Space, Science and Technology on PBM, James is a well respected peer reviewed researcher and scientist in this field of light therapy.  Many people seek out the effects and benefits this therapy has to offer. Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone that wants to improve health and wellness. Red Light therapy with NovoTHOR® can help you keep you at your best!

Looks like a Tanning Bed, but it’s Not!

Red Ligt Table Acupuncture Zen

No, it’s not a tanning bed, even though it looks like one. It’s a similar setup. You lay inside the light table, the cover of the table comes down and there is a considerable gap in between the top the table and the bottom of the table giving the sensation of space. The table is concave, this also gives a feeling of openness. It does not feel confined at all. The top of the table is easy to lift up and for those wanting more space and one can easily lift this top part of the table up.

UFC Welterweight Fighter,  Vicente Luque Ranked #6 in the World laying under the Red Light Table at Acupuncture Zen in Delray. Vicente says “These forms of therapy are essential for recovery”. He would know it! the grueling professional fighter schedule and the recovery required to be one of the best in the world requires therapies that are innovative and pushing the boundaries of standard medicine! Vicente is one of many professional athletes that visit Dr. Tony Willcox in Delray Beach in Florida.

Acupuncture Zen

Acupuncture Zen uses Class 4 K Laser, Class 3b THOR Laser, NovoTHOR photobiomodulation table, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Electrostimulation, Infrared Heat therapy and Cupping therapy as some of the adjuncts in helping get patients better and performing at their best.

Acupuncture Zen Delray Reception

Come in and walk through the space of the tranquil space at the Acupuncture Zen clinic and see for yourself what others have to say. You will see accolades all over the walls with the endorsements form professional athletes like Vicente.

It’s regarded as a healing temple for many.



Vicente Luque UFC Fighter receiving Red Light NovoTHOR@



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