Crystal Light Therapy

Acupuncture Zen Has Been Using Crystal Light Therapy Since 2011

Acupuncture Zen Has Been Using Crystal Light Therapy Since 2011

The Crystal Light Therapy works through with the light spectrum, biophotons, emission and magnetism. With the introduction of color therapy to the body, imbalanced chakras can be rejuvenated, providing the recipient with energy and a sense of peace and wellbeing. The colored light filters transmit the color and frequency of the gemstones that have been implanted inside the crystals, each zone of crystals for each particular chakra has specific gems and minerals that resonate frequency to each chakra. This therapy is emitting subtle, energetic rays to the recipient whilst lying down on the table, listening to the music supplied in the treatment room. The music in combination with the color therapy plays a role in enhancing Alpha, Theta and Delta waves for deep relaxation. Crystals and precious gemstones serve as nature’s storing agent for natural electromagnetic energy. The different colored rays determine the frequency of the energy emitted, positively affecting the body’s cells and vibration. This resonance created by the Crystal Light Therapy uses these electromagnetic frequencies and magnetism to transfer and move energy through the subtle energy field to energetically imbalanced parts of the body creating a feeling of wholeness, relaxation and overall wellness for many.

Chakras are highly sophisticated energy centers that are able to absorb colors from light. Each color on the color spectrum corresponds to a chakra as well as an organ in the body. This Crystal Light Treatment utilizes true cut Vogel crystals, thirty-five of them to be exact, with five in each chakra pod. Each crystal is filled with hundreds of gems and minerals which have an effect, a resonance and an alignment with the energy of each of the particular chakras.

This biophotonic interaction between the energy and light of the crystals and the subtle energy of the human body has an effect on the chakras and the function of these chakras are described as far back as 500 BC in the oldest text in India called the Vedas. There it describes the vitality of the chakras are directly attributed to the health of the mind, the body and the emotional wellbeing of a person.

Our light body, energy field or aura responds well to light, and sound for that matter. This light infuses to the energetic subtle energy field to the light body, of which we are connected to. It’s like food, but for your energy system, your chakras, your energy center. Many people feel expanded after their treatment, like their energy field has just enlarged and as if they have just been somewhere, they haven’t been before, some in a dream state with visions and colors, while others felt so heavy and relaxed that they felt they just did not want to move. This subtle energy works on each person as an individual. I recommend coming into this therapy with an “intention.” This way you are already heading toward alignment with your higher vibration and the subtle energy fields before you get to experience the Crystal Light therapy. Crystals can bring a high vibrational energy field for those that are sensitive to subtle energy. Crystals are known to have the ability to change, shift and align subtle energy. Many users of this therapy have noted a restorative effect on the nervous system with a sense of a calm and deeply relaxation. Many may also experience insight or visions. Patients also describe a sense of trance and a deepening of physical relaxation. With some users reporting other worldly type experiences.

With the use of an eye mask over the eyes, a deeper space may be more conducive to seeing swirling colors, images and this may also facilitate a deeply relaxing experience while others may feel energized and insightful.

Just because you can’t see energy doesn’t mean it’s not there. We don’t see oxygen, yet we breathe it and it keeps us alive. We don’t see wind yet we can see the trees move. The chakras or these energy systems have had valid proof of existence through many cultures and belief systems. But even if you can’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there!

Usually, a thirty-minute session is utilized for the Crystal Light Therapy system, this fee is $60 per treatment. Often many patients combine acupuncture (separate fee) with the treatment to enhance effects. Since our bodies are a bioelectrical field, the combination of acupuncture and light therapy can be a profound experience.

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