Study: Acupuncture Proven to Relieve Stress Naturally

Written by: DrTonyWillcox | Aug 12, 2013

Whether it’s long hours at work or the craziness that can accompany life at home, there are many stressors that strain our lives. Fortunately, there are many solutions that can be used to treat chronic stress. By ignoring chronic stress, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Stress can medically deteriorate your body over time, and can also take a toll on your emotional health.

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Acupuncture Proven to Relieve Stress Naturally. A recent study published in the Journal of Endocrinology reveals the power of acupuncture to relieve stress. This ancient practice has been trusted across a variety of cultures to help people relax and naturally vent their pent-up stress. By relieving their bodies of unnecessary tension, people are able to live healthier lives and focus on the enjoyable elements of life.

Acupuncture effectively reduces back, neck, shoulder, and osteoarthritic pain. In fact, patients say that they feel up to a 50% pain reduction after a single session of acupuncture. While the medical research is relatively inconclusive, there is undeniable anecdotal evidence building that acupuncture helps people relieve stress. By relieving stress through acupuncture, people can lessen their chances of:

  • Heart disease. Hypertension and high blood pressure are natural byproducts of chronic stress. Stress can take a long-term toll on your body, and eventually, your body will have to pay a price. Fortunately, acupuncture can help relieve and even eliminate chronic stress from our daily lives.
  • Sleep disorders. Did you know that stress is one of the top reasons that people can’t sleep at night? Whether you’re worried about work or stressed about familial life, stress can not only keep you awake, but also lessen your quality of sleep. Relieving stress can fix these problems.
  • Memory impairment. Stress and a lack of sleep will naturally worsen your memory over time. In fact, even one night of bad sleep is enough to cause noticeable effects on your memory. Imagine how chronic stress and sleeping problems can impair your memory.

As scary as all these medical problems might sound, the good news is that stress plays a large role in many of these issues – and stress can be relieved! It’s important to note that people respond to different treatments in a number of ways, so acupuncture results may differ from person to person.

Experts who have studied the health benefits of acupuncture encourage a minimum of one session per week for up to two months. This ensures that the acupuncture treatments provide their full benefits to your body.

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